The Geography of Home: California’s Poetry of Place (Edited by Buckley & Young)

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Geography of Home book cover
The Geography of Home: California’s Poetry of Place

Chryss Yost has four poems included in the Geography of Home: California’s Poetry of Place, edited by Christopher Buckley and Gary Young (Heyday, 1999).

California is home to a wide variety of highly accomplished–in some cases, world-renowned–poets. Ripe with beauty, politics, and an endless diversity of people and cultures, California has nurtured poets born and raised on its soil, and drawn to it established writers from other places. The Geography of Home brings together the works of seventy-six important figures in contemporary California poetry, including Philip Levine, Peter Everwine, Mark Jarman, Adrienne Rich, Dennis Schmitz, Carolyn Kizer, Gary Soto, Al Young, Kim Addonizio, Charles Wright, Carol Muske, David St. John, Larry Levis, Robert Hass, Gary Snyder, William Everson, Gary Soto, Luis Omar Salinas, Diane Wakoski, Garrett Hongo, Jane Hirsheld, and Brenda Hillman. Through the multiple selections for each poet, we can witness connections to California, visions of the place poets have at one time or other called home. Additionally, the poets have written introductory statements expressly for this anthology that will speak to their history in California, and to the influence of the state on their poetry. In this long-awaited collection, California’s unique and complex geography is examined, questioned, and ultimately celebrated, through forms as varied, dynamic, and compelling as the state itself.

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